How to Avoid Transportation Scams: Tips from a Reputable Cab Service in Richmond, Virginia

If you are new to the city, you might find yourself hard-up in getting a good cab service in Richmond, VA. You will also hear about various taxi scams, regardless of whether it’s from your friends, online articles or handbooks around. Commonly, when you’re not familiar with the variety of routes around, you just let your taxi driver do as he pleases. That will give him a chance to drive you around, making sure that you get to your destination using the longest possible route in order to charge you more. Or maybe when he doesn’t turn his meter on, telling you that it’s broken. From then he’ll be able to charge you as much as he pleases. Worst of all, when it is time for you to pay and you only have large bills he’ll tell you he doesn’t have change, meaning he’ll be able to pocket your change as a tip.

Of course, it doesn’t have to end up like that. While these scams do happen, most of the licensed taxi drivers are very honest, hardworking people trying to earn a living for themselves and their loved ones. The few, dishonest ones in turn, have been able to develop clever ways to scam you out of your hard-earned money, sometimes subtle, other times outright. Still, you can protect yourself from these schemes with a little bit of effort.

If you are going out on a trip, you will need to make sure you allot a lot of time to have both of your taxicab trips alongside your hotel stays. You need to have the information about the typical fare rates for cab service in Richmond, VA such as common destination from your hotel t the airport. Remember that when you are in an unfamiliar city or areas, especially overseas, you need to plan ahead. There are a lot of websites out there with a database for average taxi rates. State and city taxi commissions that issue taxi licenses often have the information in their websites as well. Some travel guidebooks also give this information, so it’s up to you to obtain it (which won’t be that hard) and jot it down so you can use it as a reference when discussing fares with your driver.

Other than that, always make sure to bring a map, pencil and camera so that while you are in the trip, you can track down your own route just in case. Unscrupulous taxi drivers aren’t that likely to take you around if you show that you are trying to follow their turns with the help of your map. If you are not really sure anymore, just ask and start writing down their name and license number. Should you forget your pencil and travel journal, just take pictures with the use of your phone or camera. You need those in order to have hard evidence if you need to file complaints.


If you find yourself taking a cab service in Richmond, VA, you need to familiarize yourself with common scams. Using some of the tips mentioned above could help a lot in making sure you are not the next victim. Mostly, you will just need use your common sense to avoid these scams—like saving your receipt, riding licensed cabs, knowing the average rate, among others. Still, always carry small bills and maybe a few coins so that if ever you h, you can always pay with the exact change, protecting you from at least one scam. If you are in serious doubt and cannot come to an agreement with your taxi driver, just walk away and find another reputable one.


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