Things You Need to Know about Taxi Cabs in the U.S.

Taxi cab service in Richmond, VA is not as expensive as other cities around the U.S., and they are quite common and distinguishable from other vehicles. If you are new to the city and would want to learn more about the taxis around, you might want to know about the basic laws and procedures that bind them together. Law-abiding taxi firms and drivers pretty much follow these daily, so knowing such guidelines will allow you to glean some insight on what you should look for if you want to get only the most competent and honest ones around.

In most U.S. airports or in other major locations, you will often find a taxi dispatcher, whose sole purpose is to make sure that you get a ride. Also, they are responsible in giving you information when it comes to fares as well as prevent unscrupulous cab drivers or bogus individuals from swindling you. Actually, in some airports you can even see the average fare rates to popular destinations posted on notice boards. Railway stations, however, will often have taxi telephones, which you can use to call for a cab service in Richmond, VA, for instance. In airports, you can even choose to have a limousine as your ride. Just make sure your budget can hold it, though. Alternatives to cabs are minibus shuttles, if you do not mind sharing space with various people.

Most of the time, hailing a cab will be as easy as raising your arm for an incoming one. The law mandates that taxis should stop and offer you their service when they are on call. You will be able to identify cabs that are on-call by looking at their roof light if it is turned on. Sometimes, it would even read “ON CALL,” but this may differ from city to city. A licensed cab service in Richmond, VA should only be able to take you anywhere within Richmond’s city limits or their official area. Other than that, they are not allowed to enter the premises.

Reputable taxi drivers will never take you to risky areas regardless of the time of day, but always make sure that you make him repeat your stated destination before you even start moving. Sometimes, miscommunication might occur, and clearing it up can help you a lot, even if it does not give a 100% guarantee that you will not get lost or taken to the wrong destination. Also, you might want to know that some cities forbid taxi drivers from getting out of their vehicles even if it is to help you carry heavy baggage. The reason for this is that it serves as a safety measure for the cabbie.

In most towns and cities, radio cabs exist, and they are not regulated whatsoever. They could only be hired by making arrangements with them beforehand. Their charges are slightly higher than regular cabs, but their service is quite better—clean, comfortable and air-conditioned. You can even go for limousines, too, which are pretty much the most luxurious way to travel, but only if you have the money for it.

If you are looking for a cab service in Richmond, Virginia, you might want to avoid meter-less and unregistered taxis around, since these might actually charge you double for the service. These are usually called ‘rogues’ or ‘gypsies,’ and they usually wait around airports. And in the event that you have some complaints about your cab’s service, always make sure that you were able to take note of the cab number, which is commonly seen on the passenger door or the rear of the front seat. Also, if they have a license number, jot it down as well. Actually, they are also required to give a receipt should you request for it, anyway. The information should be there, which will help you in making sure that you only get the service you deserve.


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