The Unforgettable Tour: Trolley, Segway, Hot-Air Balloon or Cab Service in Richmond, Virginia

Whether you are touring by foot, water, air or through a cab service, Richmond, VA is certainly a place that has lots to offer! With the fascinating people, culture and history that molded the city, you will definitely have a great time in the Richmond Region, especially with the various tours and excursions you can book yourself in. Explore the historic neighborhood; discover the enchanting theater and performance arts community; hop on a Segway PT and traverse the streets; go on an eerie ghost tour, or get a beautiful bird’s eye view of the area in a hot-air balloon! All these can be part of your touring experience in Richmond!

Virginia is the US state in the South Atlantic region of the country. It is officially the Commonwealth of Virginia and called “Dominion” (from which its present nickname “Old Dominion” was referenced) by King Charles II of England because of its loyalty to the crown during the English Civil War. Interestingly, it is also called “Mother of Presidents” because it is the birth place of the most US presidents.

Richmond is the capital of the Commonwealth. Since 1871, it has been an independent city and is currently the center of the Greater Richmond Region and Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city is home to several museums, monuments, memorials and battlefields of the American Civil War. It is also a place filled with significant structures of diverse styles including Gregorian, Egyptian Revival, Italianate, Art Deco, Greek Revival, Federal, International, Modernist and Postmodern buildings.

However, the scope of the city’s tourism extends far beyond illustrious figures and historic sites. At present, more than five million visit the area to enjoy world-renowned museums, remarkable restaurants, and fun-packed adventures for all ages. Even the simple tours provided by taxi service in Richmond, VA will definitely bring a delightful experience.

Here is a simple guide for some of the exciting local events and tours in the Richmond Region.

Cruise through Riverfront Canal

This takes you through a historical tour of the James River and Kanawha Canal. This was a partially built canal intended to facilitate shipments of passengers and cargoes by water between the coast the western countries of the state. Its towpath eventually became the roadbed for a rail line that follows the same course.

Segway Ride around the City

You get to ride on a Segway for a guided tour around one of America’s oldest cities. You can also choose to rent a Segway for a day and explore the city on your own after a short initial lesson on how to use the equipment. Although this ride does not offer the convenience you get in, let’s say, a cab service in Richmond, VA, this is surely an equally amazing way of touring the city with your family, friends or colleagues.

Trolley Ride

Did you know that the world’s very first trolley system was established in Richmond back in 1888? This classic ride is ideal for groups of visitors as it can accommodate 26 persons. While you are seated comfortably in cushioned seats, you get to have an amazing view of the city as you roam its historical streets.

Balloons over Virginia

Get to feel like the Count of Monte Cristo in a hot-air balloon with a breathtaking view of the city! All flights will start at the Hanover Air Park and each will last for an hour, enough time to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Richmond. This kind of flight will certainly create a memory you will forever remember. In addition, for your first flight ceremony, you will receive a certificate with a picture of you in the balloon basket, and get to toast with champagne and other non-alcoholic beverages.

Historic Film Tours

Students, seniors, families, locals and visitors will definitely enjoy this educational tours to historical sites were movies such as the Jackal, Hannibal and Cold Mountain and several others were filmed. You can also attend Theater Weekends where you get to enjoy wonderful plays, Broadway presentations, ballet, symphony, opera and several other theater and the arts events.

Restaurant Hopping and Wine Galore

The Richmond Region is home to several spectacular restaurants that specialize in local wines. Have a taste of the world-class cuisines prepared by expert chefs. Enjoy your favorites or try out new and innovative dishes that will absolutely satisfy your palate. You can hire a taxi service in Richmond, VA and visit places like Amor Wine Bistro, M Bistro & Wine Bar, The Wine Loft, and various others. You can also join events such as the Carytown Food and Wine Festival and Virginia Wine Expo, or go for an incredible vineyard tours to local wineries!

Certainly, the city offers wonderful and exciting events that will make your touring experience a blast, and these aforementioned activities are just a few of what you should prepare yourself for. You can bring along your private cars, go for the classic trolleys, hop on a hot-air balloon, ride a Segway or hire a taxi service in Richmond, VA – whatever you choose, one thing is for sure, the city will offer an experience you will never forget!


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